Creating “Akropole” concept we are aiming to provide new level of shopping and entertainment experience - we focus on a new generation offer in one place for our customers - this will be a unique offer in Latvian retail industry. Having a great mix of international and local fashion brands, wide range of entertainment including ice arena, innovative concept cinema, bowling, restaurants, children area, all necessary daily services’ providers and fulfilling “everything in once place” promise wrapped in design responding historical heritage.

Significant attention in the development of the multifunctional shopping centre was paid to the historical heritage of this area, which earlier was the site of the Kuznecov Porcelain and Faience Factory. Everyone will be able to experience the spirit of Kuznecov's factory - an “old city” area inspired by the old factory will be created by placing antique brick building reproductions within the shopping centre. Also, the design will contain important elements of the former factory, for example, two factory chimneys will be maintained and a part of the facade where logo of the Kuznecov's Factory will be placed.

Additional effort was invested into designing an enhanced landscape improving the wellbeing of the local residents, for example, the “Akropole” site will include a children playground and many new trees that will provide a green environment for the area around the shopping centre.

“Akropole” will boost the long-term growth of this region; it is projected that the centre will provide an opportunity to employ approximately 1500-1800 people. Particular attention will be paid to convenient parking and to organising traffic flows and public transport in order to improve the surrounding infrastructure and provide more efficient access to the shopping centre.


For us it is also very important to think about most sustainable solutions when building the multifunctional center. To achieve this goal, we are fulfilling international BREEAM certification criteria, therefore our requirements are higher than stated in law. This will ensure that building will be created with qualitative construction materials, it will be environmentally friendly, it will save energy and water etc. We will be the first shopping center in Latvia which will be built according to these criteria.

The “Akropole” multifunctional shopping centre is a subsidiary of “Akropolis Group”. “Akropolis Group” is a group of companies working in property development, shopping centre rental and management in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria, and includes LTD “Akropolis LT” and LTD “Akropole Rīga”. Currently, “Akropolis Group” manages three shopping centres in Lithuania; “Akropole” in Riga will become the first project of the company outside this country.

The design of the “Akropole” building is conducted by the ‘Sarma & Norde arhitekti’ architect agency, which has extensive experience in designing shopping centres. The portfolio of the architect agency can be viewed here: http://sarmanorde.lv.