When is the opening of “Akropole” planned?

Construction works has started and we will put all effort to bring a new level of shopping and entertainment experience as soon as we can. We will inform about further development as soon as we will have more information.

What are the intended steps of the project?

Pre-construction and pile driving works have been started at the end of November, 2016. After finalization of mentioned work stage, a general contractor will commence the construction works in full amount. The improvement of the territory will be performed within the scope of all construction works in order to create a pleasant environment around the multifunctional shopping center.

Which construction company will be responsible for a construction of “Akropole”?

Piles construction will be performed by construction company “Skonto Būve”. Information about full scope construction works and respective contractors will be announced in near future.

How big will be the new building?

The total area of the building will be around 98 thousand square meters, from them retail area will be around 59 thousand square meters but office area around 9 thousand square meters. “Akropole” will become a major multifunctional shopping center in Riga.

Will the design of the project visually fit the surrounding area?

Architectural design is performed by “Sarma & Norde arhitekti”, who have implemented various significant and public projects such as “Barona Centrs”, new wing of “Origo”, “Galleria Riga”, new building of “Hotel Latvia”, open air stage in Mežaparks and others. By combining modern architecture with historic element, architects have designed “Akropole” in such a way that conforms with contemporary tendencies and fits within a local neighborhood.

Can visitors be confident that everything is constructed according to the relevant regulations and that building will be safe?

We make every effort to make sure that “Akropole” will be built according to the highest safety standards. Technical design and construction of “Akropole” is carried out in accordance with all applicable legal acts by very carefully chosen professionals of their respective fields.

For us it is also very important to think about most sustainable solutions when building the multifunctional center. To achieve this goal, we are fulfilling international BREEAM* certification criteria, therefore our requirements are higher than stated in law. This will ensure that building will be created with qualitative construction materials, it will be environmentally friendly, it will save energy and water etc. We will be the first shopping center in Latvia which will be built according to these criteria.

*BREEAM is the world's leading building environmental assessment methodology, in 85 percent of the cases in Europe particularly this certification is used for building evaluation. Building which has received BREEAM certificates have a lower maintenance costs, higher value, more favorable internal environment and lower consumption of resources. Evaluation of the projects is carried out by independent and licensed experts.

How many workplaces “Akropole” is planning to provide?

It is planned that the multifunctional shopping center will provide an opportunity to employ around 1500 - 1800 people, including provided workplaces of shopping center tenants.

How “Akropole” will differ from other already existing shopping centers in Latvia?

“Akropole” will be a new level of shopping and entertainment experience and it will be a unique offer in Latvian retail industry. On top of gathering most famous world-wide and local brands under one roof, we aim for “Akropole” to not only provide a big shopping mall (total area - around 98 thousand square meters) but also the best entertainment facilities for families in Latvia, in “Akropole” there will be possibility to do ice skating in a skating rink, to enjoy movies at the cinema complex, to play bowling, to have a nice meal at restaurants and cafes and just spend family time with your kids in the children entertainment area. Taking into account the historically significant location of the shopping center, we will make sure that the heritage of this area is not lost. Also, everyone will be able to experience the spirit of Kuznecov's porcelain factory - an “old city” area inspired by the old factory will be created by placing antique brick building reproductions within the shopping center.

What is “Kuznecov historical heritage”?

“Akropole” will be located at the place of former Kuznecov Porcelain and Faience Factory in Riga, which plays a significant role in the porcelain history in Latvia. In terms of porcelain production quantities, it was the oldest and the biggest this kind of factory in Latvia. The resolution issued by the State Cultural Monument Protection Service states that the core value of the porcelain factory is its historical heritage - its legend and historical artefacts and not the buildings themselves.

What exactly will be retained from Kuznecov's historical heritage?

Akropole building has been designed to be modern while embodying Kuznetsov’s factory spirit at the same time. To achieve this, the new building design contains important elements of the former Kuznetsov’s factory - two factory chimneys will be maintained and an “old city” area inspired by the old factory will be created by placing antique brick building reproductions within the shopping center, as well as a logo of the Kuznecov's Factory will be placed on the main facade of the new building.

What kind of inconveniences neighborhood inhabitants may face during the construction?

We are determined to limit all possible inconveniences as well as we can. We will endeavor to apply the most considerate manner for neighborhood regarding all ongoing construction works.

Will the vibrations caused by construction affect neighborhood buildings?

On March 2016, the test piles were driven within the “Akropole” construction preparatory process. The monitoring and inspection of possible vibrations confirmed that vibrations do not exceed the admissible limits and do not impact nearby buildings.

What time the construction will take place during the day?

According to the Work organization project, which is a part of our Technical Design and which is approved by Riga Construction Board, the construction works can be performed from 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM throughout the week, however, pile driving in Maskavas street 257 will be implemented from Monday till Saturday, from 8:00 AM – 8:00PM.

Whether and how it is planned to reduce construction dust impact on local houses?

Taking into account legal acts regarding environmental questions and implementing BREEAM certification which has higher environmental standards than required by legal acts, the contractors will be required to limit dust as far as practicable. During the construction, works will be implemented to environment and locals as friendly as possible.

Would there be any difficulties to access houses during the construction phase?

There will be no construction works performed outside the construction site, therefore there should be no permanent difficulties for inhabitants to access their homes.

Will you ensure safety to pedestrians during the construction?

The construction site is fully fenced and all legal requirements regarding safety are implemented. We pay very special attention to implement environmentally and socially friendly construction and construction site management solutions, therefore, we are applying BREEAM certification and quality criteria, which is the world's leading building environmental assessment methodology. It provides high construction site management standards that ensures an implementation of the best construction practices that are well above the requirements of the law.

In order to improve traffic situation in the area, does developers of “Akropole” have any solutions?

For us it is very important to think about improvement of traffic flow near “Akropole”, therefore we will implement various infrastructure development works like construction of internal territory, renovation of Salaspils street and bus stops, also reconstruction of tram track. For better entrance we will implement construction of Maskavas street overpass as well as construction of Maskavas street near “Akropole”. These solutions will significantly improve and smoothen transportation flow in the area.

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